What We Do

We are a local installation service contractor offering the supply and installation of a variety of home decorative finishes for the floor, wall, ceiling, patio and garden to suit different needs, tastes and preferences. Types of material we offer for the installation of indoor flooring, outdoor decking, wall panelling, adjustable window shutters and fencing include laminate, engineered wood, solid wood, composite & vinyl-composite.

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Why Engage Us?
Experienced & Skillful Installers
Our installers are skillful and experienced in their respective speciality, e.g. laminate flooring installation, timber decking installation, adjustable wooden shutters, etc. and have been doing what they do for between 6 to over 20 years.

Consistently Fair Pricing
We adopt a fair pricing policy, which means that we offer consistently fair pricing that corresponds with product quality and workmanship standards.  As such, you will find that we are not one to offer huge discounts, as we simply cannot afford to do so without first inflating prices in order to do so. 

Share of Knowledge
As consumers ourselves, we understand the confusion customers sometimes experience when shopping for a product or service that has many options. As such, we always do our utmost best to share our knowledge and experience with customers so that they are able to make informed decisions when choosing the type of product that best suit their needs.

No Hidden Charges
All service & material charges are stated upfront in our quotations so customers may rest assured that they will not be slapped with an unexpected bill when it comes time to pay.

Not Everything Also “Can”
While we try to please our customers in the best way we can, we do not make unrealistic or misleading promises to our customers in order to secure a project. What we are able to deliver, we try to do so to the best of our abilities; what we aren’t able to, we state upfront. Honesty is a part of our business policy.