Timber Floor Sanding

Looking for professional indoor timber floor sanding services? Look no further, as we are a team of experienced timber specialists who can help revive your old, scratched timber flooring with a well deserved sanding, buffing and varnishing.

Not all types of flooring are suitable for sanding, however. Certain types of timber flooring may become damaged after sanding due to its structure and material composition.

Are your floorboards made of solid wood, engineered wood, laminate or composite wood? This is the first thing that needs to be determined first. While solid wood flooring can be sanded and varnished without any problems and emerge looking almost as good as new, the same cannot be said with other types of timber-like flooring.

With the advancement in flooring manufacturing technology, floorboards of various material compositions mimic solid wood floorboards pretty convincingly nowadays; on the surface, at least. While they may look aesthetically similar to wood, in most cases, they are not suitable for sanding. Laminate flooring is one such type, composite wood is another.

What about engineered wood flooring then? Technically, engineered timber floorboards can be sanded down, as they are composed of multiple layers of real wood strips. However, it is not advisable in most cases, as they are usually factory-treated with a scratch resistant surface that will be removed if sanded down.

Not sure which type of flooring you have? No worries, call us at +6010-363 8829 for assistance.