Wood Decking for Outdoors

Wood Decking for Outdoors

May 1, 2018 Outdoor Timber Decking 0

Like many countries the world over, the use of timber decking in Malaysia is a popular choice outdoors. The use of a wooden deck or timber decking as part of an outdoor garden landscape or to extend and enhance the living areas of houses yields an enduring design that survives passing design fads that quickly go out of style.

Popularly installed around swimming pools, ponds, porches and/or into mini garden bridges, wood decks can dramatically transform our living space, bringing character and warmth into an otherwise uninspiring or lackluster space. Other common areas where a timber deck is installed – sometimes replacing cement or stone-based materials that are typically used in some areas around our homes – include balconies, verandas, patios and/or integrated into a beautifully landscaped garden.

When choosing real wood timber to be used in the construction of a timber deck, it is important to consider its origin (certain types of timber are more suited for use in your home country in certain types of application than others) and characteristics, both of which affect the durability of your timber deck. This is where the performance of the timber itself in terms of stability under fluctuating weather conditions, as well as its resistance to wood-loving termites and water becomes important. Unstable wood structure under fluctuating temperature conditions will result in large expansions and contractions of the wood, which causes it to twist, cup, warp and crack within the short term.

Tropical Hardwood Decking

A popular choice for wood lovers around the region, this is a good option if the timber is sourced from mature trees. Chengal wood, for example, is renowned for its durability and beauty. Chengal wood that is mature enough at the point of logging makes a hardy timber deck that can last a lifetime.

Engineered Wood Decking

Heveatech decking timber is engineered to overcome the common concerns of using wood for decking outdoors. Made with 100% wood using Heveatech’s structurally superior laminated veneer lumber (LVL) engineering and advanced proprietary wood impregnation technology, the natural beauty of wood is preserved while enhancing its performance for lasting stability and durability. Heveatech is also termite-resistant, weather-resistant and eco-friendly.

Heveatech Decking Specifications

Heveatech Decking Installation Videos