Choosing Your Timber Flooring & Contractor

Choosing Your Timber Flooring & Contractor

April 3, 2013 General 0

Timber flooring enhances the mood of a house according to the way it is used. Due to its complementary nature, it blends in well with most types of surroundings, and is flexible enough to be incorporated into homes and buildings of various styles and design concepts. Dark wood leads to an elegant outcome whereas timber with natural blemishes reveals a strong authentic attractiveness. Conversely, brighter timber can lighten and offer a modern feel to a new home.

Whatever style a home owner may opt for, there is no doubt that wooden floors possess admirable qualities that contribute to the beauty and comfort of a home. They have a natural softness and magnificence devoid of monotony, are beautiful to look at and bring warmth and comfort to the home and office environment. Also, timber floors do not collect as much dust as carpeted floors, making them more hygienic as well.

Choosing Flooring to Suit Your Style

Wood flooring has many features and styles and choosing one among the many choices available in the market today is not always easy. But selecting the correct type for your needs is crucial in creating the right environment and to meet the functional needs of your lifestyle. Selecting a durable yet stylish floor for your home can make a tremendous difference to the overall ambience of your home.

Wood floors are mainly preferred for the class and warmth they exude. However, many factors influence the type that is suitable for you. In moist climates, sturdy floors are needed for good performance. If you have kids or pets, you are bound to opt for a floor that cleans easily. This is more so when the floor is to be installed in frequented areas of the home. These include hallways and the living room. In these areas, the floor must be easy to care for and maintain.

The appearance and design of your floorboards is a major feature. Floors with revealing natural wood grain are regarded as highly classy. The popular trend is in the use of coatings that unleash rather than obscure the natural texture of wood. Although the floor remains patterned, a fine finish will give you a timber floor that is remarkably smooth and beautiful.

Timber floors are a popular choice for many dwellers due to the naturally beautiful, warm and cosy ambience they create. Unlike tiled floors, wood floors do not become cold even in chilly months. The versatility of timber also makes it adaptable to suit many design concepts, often with the common goal of creating an ambience that is enduring, classy and comfortable.

MORI Engineered Hardwood Flooring

With engineered hardwood floors made with natural wood, such as MORI flooring, you are assured of the same ambience without the shortcomings of traditional wood flooring as it is made tougher and more durable and therefore, lasts longer.

MORI engineered hardwood flooring is not only fashionable but popular with home owners and contractors due to its high quality, ease of installation and long warranty period. Most professionals cannot afford the time and resources to try things out in the course of their work. It is also impractical to do things on an experimental basis. As such, product warranties are important and an assurance that the product works as claimed, ensuring a favourable outcome for the architect, designer, contractor and their clients.

Another reason for the popularity of MORI floors is that they come in consistent sizes and do not scratch or cuff easily as it has been pre-coated with a tough UV coating that is many times tougher than normal coating. This removes the need for sanding and coating the floor before and after installation, saving both contractors and home owners time and money.

Good Customer Service

Apart from selecting the best products to suit your needs when installing your floor, it is a good idea to check out their level of customer service. While it may not be realistic to find a contractor or supplier who will say “yes” to anything you ask for, it is reasonable to at least expect prompt response and a willingness to assist you with any questions or issues you may have pertaining to their products.

A willingness to deliver what has been promised in a polite and professional manner is also an indication of good customer service. Most home or building owners have a budget that they adhere to when designing and renovating their homes and offices. In instances where the home or business owner falls short of price expectations, alternative product recommendations and sound, professional advice from your floor expert are invaluable.