Timber Deck Restoration Services – Malaysia Deck Contractor

In a nutshell, the timber deck restoration services we offer refers to the sanding, refinishing and replacement of your deck panels. Your deck may or may not require all of the above-mentioned services, depending on the condition of your deck.

What to Expect
While it may be possible to improve the condition and appearance of an old or used deck, it is unrealistic to expect your wood deck condition to become as good as new. As with everything in nature, your timber deck panels deteriorate over time and may lose some of its strength and durability over the years. So is it better to restore or replace your deck then?

Cost – Deck Restore vs. Deck Replacement
Deck restoration is generally more cost effective, and if the overall condition of your deck is still good, requiring only an odd timber deck panel replacement, the nailing of a few loose timber boards or giving it a new coat of varnish, deck restoration may be your more cost effective option.

However, if rotting of your decking has occurred or too many of your wood deck panels are broken, then it may be time to consider replacing your current deck with a new one.

More important than the cost, is to consider if your timber deck is still safe to use. How does it feel when you walk on it? Does it feel less firm than before? Does the timber deck panels seem softer or easily broken? Are many of the deck panels visibly rotten and/or broken? While it may be okay to replace a few less durable pieces of your deck panels and continue using your deck if the overall structure is still fine, it is advisable that you replace your deck when the integrity of your deck structure is already compromised.

Not sure how much work is required on your deck? Not to worry – our technician will be able to offer professional advice.