Deck Sanding & Staining – Refinishing Services

When do you need to sand and refinish your deck? Are deck sanding and staining services offered by a professional deck maintenance company superior to that of a general handyman? We are inclined to say yes, as the disparity in the quality of the finished product is often noticeable between the two, with the former being superior. This is because deck specialists possess the required knowledge, experience, skill, as well as suitable equipment in order to do the job well.

What Is Sanding?

Put simply, the sanding of a deck involves the stripping off of a thin layer of a wood deck. This is often done for aesthetic reasons, although safety may also sometimes be a motivational factor (when the timber boards of a deck is no longer level and may potentially trip a person who walks on it, for instance).

The sanding of the deck can be done by hand, using a handheld machine or a large, heavy duty one. Typically, light sanding of a deck can be done using a handheld sanding machine whereas a deeper sanding of your timber deck surface often requires a bigger machine.

Is Sanding Really Necessary for Wood Deck Maintenance?

Your timber deck panels continually expand and contract throughout its lifespan as it is exposed to varying temperature & humidity levels under different climate and weather conditions. Over time, this may result in your deck having an uneven walking surface. When this happens, you may opt to consult with a deck contractor on the possibility of leveling out your deck using the sanding method.

Another reason the sanding of your timber deck may be necessary is when the finishing on your deck has started to peel or wear off, usually in an uneven manner. When this happens, it is an indication that the chemical structure of the old varnish has broken down and has lost some or all of its effectiveness as an added protection for your deck. The sanding your deck in this case, is to take off the old varnish, so that a new coat of outdoor deck varnish may be applied effectively.

Deck Refinishing Service

It is not a matter of if, but a matter of when, when it comes to giving your timber decking a new coat of varnish. This is because the UV rays of the sun disintegrates even the best quality varnish or coatings eventually. When this happens, it is advisable to consider servicing your deck, as the coatings on your deck serve not only to give it a beautiful finish, but also to provide your timber deck some protection from the varying weather conditions.

While re-staining your deck may seem easy on the outset, the simplicity of the job can be misleading. Other than it being labour-intensive work that is done under the hot sun, the refinishing of a timber deck do also require skill and experience for it to turn out well. As such, the deck refinishing services of a skilled and experienced deck specialist or contractor to stain and refinish your deck may be a better & more cost effective option in the longer run.

So, what is the cost to sand and stain your deck? Rates will vary according to certain variables, such as the location of your site, deck size, condition of the deck and equipment used, to name a few.