Tropical Hardwood Decking – Decking Supplier & Installer

The installation of tropical hardwood decking is one of the deck services we offer for the Malaysian wood lover who appreciates nature’s perfect inconsistencies in the wood grain, texture and colour tones of natural wood. While there are many species of wood that are available for the installation of a timber deck, some are more durable and less prone to serious warping and twisting than others.

So, how does one choose? While there are no hard and fast rules in choosing the ‘best’ wood deck, there are a few guidelines you can follow when choosing one that’s suitable for you.

Wood Maturity
Generally, the older the tree from which the timber is derived from, the more durable. and this is true for all wood species, although each has varying strengths, hardness, density and shrinkage.

Wood Species
Certain types of wood species are more durable than others and less unstable, meaning its degree of warping, expansion and shrinkage as a result of changing weather, humidity and UV exposure levels are lesser. In our experience, we find that tropical wood species tend to be more tolerant of our Malaysian weather compared to temperate wood.

Technical Specifications
Various parameters are used to test the performance of wood to determine its suitability (or not) for use in different construction applications indoor and outdoor.

By experience, we are referring to the actual use of the wood type in the installation of a deck. While wood specifications do provide a guide as to which species are more suited to use as a deck, actual experience with a particular wood species confirms or refutes its suitability for use as a timber deck on a practical level.

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