Heveatech Timber Decking – Specifications

Manufactured for stability, durability AND convenience, Heveatech real-wood decking timber is available in consistent long lengths that are ready to be installed on site. Unlike traditional hardwood, which comes in varying lengths and requires a period of seasoning and grinding before and after installation, Heveatech engineered timber decking requires no seasoning or grinding, which means less waiting time & less mess.

Heveatech is resistant and against:
1) Termites attack *
2) Cracking, cupping, warping & rotting *

* Comes with manufacturer’s warranty

To read more about Heveatech timber decking, please visit www.timbermalaysia.com/products/heveatech



Length:  2500mm (8’2″)
Thickness:  20mm
Width:  (A) 90mm  (B) 145mm  (C) 195mm[/one_half_last]


Batten (base)

Length:  2500mm (8’2″)
Thickness:  20mm
Width:  45mm


While a variety of wood finishing can be applied to Heveatech, we recommend staining. This is so that the natural beauty of the wood grain is not obscured but is highlighted instead, with the varying shades of the timber apparent in all its natural glory.

Pictured below: Staining finish. Actual colours may vary.

Heveatech Technical Properties

Properties Standard Heveatech
Density ASTM D143-94-2000 (Sec 19) 820 kg / m³
Elasticity (MOE) JAS 2008 for LVL (art 4) 1000.45 kgf / mm²
Breaking Point (MOR) JAS 2008 FOR (art 4) 8.16 kgf / mm²
Compression ASTM D143-94 2000 (sec 9) 5.30 kg
Jangka ASTM D1037 1800 lbs (818 kg)
Radial & Tangent Shrinkage ASTM D143-94 2000 (sec 20) 1.5 %
Delamination Test JAS 2008 FOR LVL (art 4) 100% Passed
Scratch Test JPIC – ew 100% Passed
Nail-holding JIS Z 2102 185.65 kg
Anti-termite JIS K 1571 2004 YES

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