Heveatech Decking – Test Reports & Certifications

Enjoy the beauty & durability of your timber decking outdoors without worry of termites attack. A type of engineered wood flooring that is made with 100% real wood with its natural wood grain intact, Heveatech decking serves to overcome issues commonly encountered with traditional timber decking systems.

The performance of Heveatech decking has been verified through stringent third-party tests and certified. Tests include those for VOC emissions such as formaldehyde, heavy metal content, resistance against termites attack and Jangka Ball hardness.

Heveatech is made from wood harvested from sustainable resources and verified to be from legal origin by the Rainforest Alliance under the SmartWood Program for legal harvesting and trading of wood from legal sites. Under the programme, the legality verification of timber is conducted from the forest level and traced at all points in the supply chain. More information on the Rainforest Alliance Verification of Legal Origin (VLO) is available at www.rainforest-alliance.org/forestry/verification/legal

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