Fortiwood Decking

An engineered wood deck brand, Fortiwood decking uses enhanced technology to increase density of the product and to minimise water absorption, thereby improving the durability and stability of the product.

Positioned as a premium laminated veneer lumber product, Fortiwood prides itself of its ability to withstand tough weather conditions as well as termites and insect attacks through with its layer-by-layer LVL treatment to ensure standardised density and moisture levels in its products.

Fortiwood product features include:
– Insects resistant
– Dimensional stability
– Superior Durability
– Easy Maintenance
– 100% Real Wood
– Easy Installation
– High Quality

Other highlights of Fortiwood decking are:
1. Product is made with wood from mature rubber trees that have reached its end of its life cycle.
2. Minimal waste during production, as logs are peeled into veneers and dry pressed together.
3. Flexibility to customise product size.

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