Deck Installation Contractor – Deck Building Services

Looking for a deck installation contractor? With the variety of deck material options and deck building services available, it can be confusing for the house owner.

Generally, deck material options can be loosely categorised into organic (e.g. solid hardwood deck such as Chengal or Belian), inorganic (e.g. cement deck) and the hybrids that are a combination of both (e.g. engineered or composite decks).

Deck Material Options

3 major considerations house owners may have when choosing deck material include price, aesthetics, durability & maintenance. Price comparison is pretty straightforward, and so is aesthetics since the choice in this area is skewed towards personal preference. However, durability and maintenance aren’t quite as straightforward to compare since even the durability or lifespan of decks made of the same material can vary at one household to another.

While it is tempting to try and choose the ‘best’ deck, in reality, that is not an easy feat. Even if one is able to obtain a product of consistent quality, a combination of other factors and conditions do affect the durability and performance of each deck, including climate, weather, humidity levels, exposure to UV rays, water drainage and how the deck is being used, to name but a few.

One type of deck may have certain advantages over another. Hence, the best option for the house owner will be to choose the one with features that are most important to them. A wood lover, for instance, will be happier engaging a deck builder to source for and build him/her a solid hardwood deck using materials such as Chengal wood or Belian instead of a cement or wood-plastic-composite (WPC) deck, while another who prefers a deck requiring little or no maintenance may choose to install a cement deck instead.

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