Wood Decking for Outdoors

Like many countries the world over, the use of timber decking in Malaysia is a popular choice outdoors. The use of a wooden deck or timber decking as part of an outdoor garden landscape or to extend and enhance the living areas of houses yields an enduring design that survives passing design fads that quickly…
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May 1, 2018 0

Bleachers Are Not Just for Football!

A recent Heveatech decking project of ours was a first for us. What seemed to be ‘just-another-renovation-project’ for a soon-to-be-opened restaurant on The Street at The Curve, Mutiara Damansara in PJ, Selangor turned out to be quite an interesting one. From the very beginning, the project designers set out to create something a little different…
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July 23, 2014 0

Outdoor flooring – porcelain, ceramic, clay or timber?

Flooring tends to be regarded as one of the most important attributes for any house. Whether, it’s the indoor flooring of your house or outdoor flooring, both have their respective strengths and weaknesses. Generally, when selecting a particular flooring type for your house, you would be interested to assess the available range of colours, varieties and textures suitable for your…
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April 16, 2014 0

Landscaping Tips – Ways to Pretty Up Your Garden

There are a variety of landscaping touches that you can use to pretty up your garden and add value to your home. When you let grass overgrow or don’t spend time planning out your garden, your home can end up looking unsightly. This can create a less than ideal living environment for you and your…
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April 7, 2014 0

Chengal Wood Decking – Benefits & Alternatives

One of the most sought-after solid hardwood in Malaysia and other tropical countries, Chengal is a well-loved wood for the installation of outdoor decking. A wood that has been used throughout the centuries by our ancestors for the building of traditional houses, used for columns, beams, roofs and installed on floors, Chengal wood is, today,…
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January 3, 2014 0

Timber Decking – How to Choose One That’s Right for You

With the advent of technology, house owners today have a wider choice of materials for their timber decking (a.k.a. outdoor timber flooring). While no one material is perfect, choosing one that serves your needs will save you money & unwanted hassles further down the line. By equipping yourself with some basic know-how, you are better…
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December 3, 2013 0

Choosing Your Timber Flooring & Contractor

Timber flooring enhances the mood of a house according to the way it is used. Due to its complementary nature, it blends in well with most types of surroundings, and is flexible enough to be incorporated into homes and buildings of various styles and design concepts. Dark wood leads to an elegant outcome whereas timber…
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April 3, 2013 0